I couldn’t believe it; I went to the grocery store the other day and grabbed what I needed from the aisles of the store.  When I got home I brought the groceries in and sat them on the kitchen floor.  I then proceeded to put them in their perspective places in the shelves and refrigerator all the while leaving one item in a plastic Budway's  bag on the floor.  I was distracted because my dinner was beeping from the microwave.  I went on to eat dinner, watch TV and go to bed.  When I woke up the next day I went to the refrigerator to grab the milk for my cereal and couldn’t find it, what?  I know I bought milk.  Then I see the bag out of the corner of my eye, oh no it was in fact my milk.  Was it still good?  Probably not but I had to check to see if there was any chance that it could be salvaged.  The container still felt sort of cold, maybe it’s ok.  I opened it and took a little sip…..not a good idea (I knew that going in) but I so wanted my morning bowl of  Honey Nut Cheerios .  It was a big bummer having to dump the entire container of milk down the drain.  Lesson learned.

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