Bullying...a word we've heard a lot more these past few days. Kind of sad that it takes a tragedy like the suicide of the 14 year old from Williamsville, Jamey Rodemeyer  to get our attention. Perhaps it's time to dig up this Country classic from Mark Wills to remind ALL of us that we are all the same...we are ALL God's children.

Personally,  I believe that Jamey's death will save the lives of others. Only God knows how many young  people are "on the edge" this very moment. Perhaps this young man's death has been the "wake-up" call we all needed to hear...that enough is enough. Parents need to take an even more active role in looking at what their children are posting on Facebook and other social media.  Also, young people have to take responsibility and SPEAK UP!  I've heard that in many of these tragic bullying cases, friends and fellow classmates actually knew that the victim was being "picked on" and that threats (cries for help actually) of suicide were made. Yet, in many instances they said and did nothing. 

Like we do now in this country since the events of 9/11, "if we see something, we need to say something". I encourage moms and dads everywhere to sit down with your kids and watch and discuss this 1998 song-video from one of our past "Taste of Country" stars.  Like I have always said, "laugh with me, but don't laugh at me". Rest in peace Jamey...

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