It is hard to imagine it has been almost 20 years since September 11, 2001.  An entire generation has grown up in the United States, many without an understanding of what the attacks meant to our nation.

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To give an understanding of the impact these attacks had on our nation, the Erie Niagara Sunrise Exchange Club will be displaying a 9/11 Memorial Field of up to 3,000, 3’ x 5” American Flags on 8 ‘ poles at Gratwick-Riverside Park in North Tonawanda along the Niagara River from September 10th to the 12th. Posted in perfect rows and columns the Stars and Stripes will fly in tribute to the victims of 9/11.

The community is invited to be part of this majestic display by becoming a sponsor or purchasing a flag honoring or memorializing a loved one. Their name will be placed on a tag on the flag along with the name of one of those who lost their life on 9/11.

If you would like to purchase a flag for only $30 to honor/memorialized someone you know, you can call Ron Sciandra at 716-316-0141.  After the closing ceremonies on September 12, you can take home your flag, pole, and the rebar it was held in place.  Let us never forget!

Proceeds from flag sponsorships will benefit the Veteran’s One Stop. There will be no charge to visit the North Tonawanda field of flags, and this is an event that must be seen to be fully appreciated and is an experience not to be missed.


Photo Credit: Austin Tylec
Photo Credit: Austin Tylec

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