If you live in the city of North Tonawanda, officials are asking you to hold off on major water usage for the time being after a water main break has been discovered.

According to WKBW, construction crews are working along River Road near Main Street in the City of North Tonawanda and accidentally hit the main water line there.

As of right now, they are unsure how long it will take to repair but in the meantime they're asking you to hold off on any major water usage like filling your pool, watering your lawn, or washing your car.

If you are unaware, a water main is the pipe that takes water from whatever source you get it from to your house or business.  When there's a break in that pipe, it creates issues with water pressure and unfortunately if it is not addressed, water will continue to flow.

They can create a lot of damage.  Often you'll see broken sidewalks and collapsed streets around the break.  Obviously if there's a lot of damage, not only will it take awhile for the water main to be fixed, but the area around that break too.  On average, they can take up to 6-8 hours to fix.

According to Healthfully, you shouldn't drink the water in your house after a water main break until you have completely flushed the lines.  The concern is that there could be dirt, rust, or even particles from the broken pipe in your lines.  AFTER you're given the green light to run water in your home again, you should run the water for a few minutes to make sure that the water runs clear and there isn't any air remaining in them.

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