Halloween is just over two weeks away and there's still some uncertainty on what will happen in certain suburbs in Buffalo, in regards to trick-or-treating. There's no clarity in one suburb.

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According to WGRZ, North Tonawanda residents are being asked by officials to stay in their neighborhood and only knock on doors of family and friends, if they decide to go out for trick-or-treating on Halloween this year.

People are also asked to wear masks and go out between 5:30 and 7:30 on Halloween evening. They made these recommendations, following guidelines from the CDC.

North Tonawanda is also setting up a safe drive-thru trick-or-treating event on Saturday, October 24th at Pine Woods Park from 7-10 pm.

Those wishing to go to the drive-thru event are asked to bring a canned food donation. Vehicles will go through the route and pass Halloween stations and then be given a treat bag at the end. People must remain in their vehicles at all times.

I have a feeling other towns and cities in Western New York will have their own set of guidelines before Halloween is here. It should definitely have a different feel than any other Halloween we have ever been through.

Find out more at WGRZ.

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