This week is offering those in New York State and much of the northeast, a much needed break from the colder temperatures.

Temperatures in the low-to-mid 60's are forecasted across the state through Thursday. That will change in a big way, however, as high temperatures will fall back in the 40's by this Saturday and Sunday.

We're less than two weeks away from Halloween and that means that the holidays will soon be approaching. If you have lived in New York long, then you know that November 1st is when all bets are off for snowfall. That's especially the case if you live downwind off Lake Erie and Lake Ontario.

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Most times, winter isn't all that bad. It's the late fall that poses the threat for huge snowstorms for many in New York State. That was certainly the case last year, with two huge snowstorms; one being a historic Christmas week blizzard.

It appears that we will have a snowy November ahead of us.

The extended European weather model is predicting snow all over New York State. In fact, those off Lake Erie and Lake Ontario (and far upstate) could see between 2-3 feet of snow through December 1st.

The GFS and Euro models are not necessarily forecasts; they're projections/predictions. This could change but it at least paints a picture of what path we are venturing down for weather patterns. November is when we see those first accumulating flakes fly in quite a few places, and because the lakes are still so warm, that's when you get lake effect snowstorms.

The hope is that is this model does come true in a handful of weeks, that its broken up into multiple systems, instead of dumping multiple feet of snow in one storm on regions, like what happened in 2022.

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There are several online places that list the "snowiest places in New York State." Surprisingly, they all have different rankings and all use different data. So we decided to use the New York State Ski Blog as our source. Thousands of skiers rely on this site for accurate weather conditions around the state. So we did too.

FYI...since the winter of 2022 is definitely not over these statistics are for last year. We have no doubt that the rankings will change next year. I mean, have you seen the photos coming out of western New York recently? WOW!

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