Who doesn’t love the anticipation that comes with a newly bought New York Lotto scratch-off game?

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Thousands of New Yorkers prefer playing the lottery on a scratch-off ticket instead of waiting for a big Powerball or Mega Millions jackpot. But if you want to increase your chances of winning big from a New York State Lottery scratch-off, there’s a (not so hidden) secret you need to know.

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The Truth About New York Lotto Scratch-Off Games

Before spending your hard-earned money on the scratch-off ticket with the fanciest name or the largest jackpot, it’s crucial to know that not all games are created equal. 

NY Lotto scratch-off games

Surprisingly, the availability of prizes can vary from one game to the next, and the ticket you randomly choose at your local store might only have a few prizes left (or in some cases, none at all– but they’re still on the shelf!). 

So what’s the best way to up your chances of winning? Pick the scratch-off games with the highest odds, based on the number of prizes left to win. 

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Here’s How To Find The Scratch-Offs With The Highest Odds

Instead of picking out a scratch-off game at random, the better way to make sure you win some money is to research which tickets will actually improve your chance of winning the jackpot.

The New York State Lottery’s website contains detailed information on each scratch-off game they sell, including cash prize amounts and the number of available prizes. But for residents who don’t have the best math skills, sorting through all if the data to figure out which scratch-offs are worth the money can be super confusing. 

Luckily, we’ve got a way to make the process much, much easier!

LIST: The Best New York Lotto Scratch-Offs To Buy Right Now

Why go through the headache of crunching the numbers yourself when there’s a company that does it for you?

man excited about scratch-offs

LottoEdge went through the trouble of combing through all of the data on the New York State Lottery website to determine which scratch-off games currently have the highest odds.

So this month, instead of wasting cash on games that are duds, spend it on one of these ten games that LottoEdge recommends based on odds, and get ready to get yourself a big payday. 

10 Best NY Lotto Scratch-Offs To Buy In April

Based on odds of winning, here are the best lottery scratch-off tickets to get right now to score some New York State Lottery cash.

Gallery Credit: New York State Lottery/Canva

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