Don’t waste your hard-earned money when playing the lottery. There’s a much easier way to determine which scratch-offs are worth buying in New York State. 

Why New Yorkers Love Scratch-Offs

There’s something so satisfying about digging a quarter out of your car’s cup holder and knowing almost instantly if you’ve won money from a scratch-off game.

You don’t have to wait for a huge drawing that has a low chance of winning - people love scratch-offs here in New York State because you can literally find out if you’ve won or lost right after you purchase a scratch-off.

Why You Should Be Picky About Which Scratch-Offs You Buy

Something a lot of people don’t realize before they pick up scratch-offs from their neighborhood convenience store is that different games have different numbers of prizes still available. Often, many scratch-off games only have one or two of the top prizes still available to win - and some may even have no prizes left at all, but they’re still available to purchase! Therefore, each game has different odds of winning.

Strategically, you want to pick cards that don’t just look or sound like fun to play, but that also have the highest odds for you to win a good chunk of change. But how do you know which games those are?

The NY Lottery Lists The Odds Of Winning For All Of Their Scratch-Off Games

Yes, it’s true. Right on the New York State Lottery website, you can look at the current odds for New York State Lottery scratch-off games. But for those of us that aren’t the best at doing the math, there’s a company called LottoEdge that breaks down the odds for you and lists them in order. 

Here Are The Top Five Scratch-Off Games To Buy This March In New York State

According to LottoEdge, here are some of the New York State Lottery scratch-offs to buy this month that will give you the highest chance of winning some money.

5 Best Scratch-Offs To Buy In New York State

Based on odds of winning, here are the best lottery scratch-off games to purchase right now in New York State to score some cash.

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