If you bought a Take 5 lotto ticket in Cheektowaga yesterday, you might want to check your pockets or your purse. It could be worth a pretty good amount of money.

I mean...it's not quit your job and go live on a yacht money, but enough to take a chunk out of your monthly bills money. It's around 54,000 dollars and it was sold at Aden Foods & Gas in Cheektowaga yesterday.

The winning numbers were:


If you have a ticket with those numbers on it that you purchased at Aden Food & Gas on Kensington Ave in Cheektowaga, you won $54,218 (before taxes).

As I mentioned....probably not enough to quit your job but it's enough to take a chunk out of the monthly bills you're currently paying.  Or, you could donate it to your favorite charity.  Maybe you just go out and buy $54,000 more lotto tickets...(or however many you can afford after paying the taxes on it).

Either way, if that's your ticket, you have up to a year from yesterday to claim it.


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