This is a little too close for comfort. This skunk has some sort of bottle or container on it's head and was assisted by a police officer.

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It is not always a robbery that police officers need to respond to. Often it is something like a wildlife call. This one has that officer risking getting sprayed by a skunk as he tried to remove the garbage from the skunk's head.

The skunk seemed to be glad to have the bottle of it's head and the officer seemed to be happy not to have to soak in tomato juice to remove the smell!

If you have ever had a dog that was sprayed buy a skunk you know how awful the smell can be. Even if you use a mixture of things to bath the dog in, that smell can stick around for weeks! It normally happens at the worst possible time. Like when you are getting ready for bed or work and it's dark out. Your dog wanders a little too close to the skunk and returns covered in it's spray.

We have been seeing a good deal of skunks on our trail cameras this fall. They seem to love the apples that have fallen from our trees in the woods.

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