The Buffalo Sabres playoff chances are all but dead, as they dropped their Sunday afternoon game 7-0 against the Boston Bruins at KeyBank Center.

The Sabres host the Nashville Predators at KeyBank Center on Tuesday night. Puck drop is at 7 pm.

The Sabres have played at KeyBank Center since the 1996-1997 season. It started out as Marine Midland Arena, then the HSBC Center, followed by First Niagara Center. It's been KeyBank Center for the last few seasons.

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Many Sabres fans remember Buffalo Memorial Auditorium, which was right next to the Skyway and nearby KeyBank Center, which is where the Sabres played home games from 1970-1996.

The Aud, as everyone in Buffalo calls it, was not a very big arena. It only sat around 16,000 fans for hockey games, vs. the 19,000 that KeyBank Center seats now. Fans also remember the steep seats, especially the oranges, which were in the upper deck portion of the arena. It had a very distinct style and for players it felt as if fans were right on top of them.

Check out this photo of The Aud which has been getting traction on Twitter.

I never got a chance to go to the Aud, since I wasn't alive for the majority of it being used. I wasn't old enough to go or even remember watching hockey games by the time the Sabres moved to Marine Midland Arena. My year watching hockey was the 1998-1999 Stanley Cup Final team.

The old YouTube videos of games at the Aud are a lot of fun to watch. Do that tonight after the Sabres and Predators game.

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