Is the oldest bar in Western New York changing their name? Is the oldest bar in Buffalo shutting down? Ulrich's Tavern on Ellicott Street is the oldest bar in Buffalo and has been in operations since 1868.

No and no. There were rumors going around (and for good reason) that Ulrich's Tavern might be shutting down.

The rumors had somewhat good reasons to be valid though. They were shut down for quite some time. In addition, there was a sign in the door that said Ulrich’s will be “Sal’s Italian Deli” (you can see the pic below). But, rest assured, Ulrich's will be staying...but, with one big, big change. Don't expect it to be the German-themed restaurant that you might have seen in the past.

That is now gone.

“German food isn’t that sought after these days,” the owner of Ulrich's said to Buffalo Business First. The owner has made some changes and is now partnering by bringing in another business owner, Nick Pitillo, who owns Osteria 166 in downtown Buffalo.

What will the new menu look like at Ulrich's Tavern? You'll see a menu that reflects sandwiches and pizzas, which would be a more common-themed menu, especially for downtown business lunch-eaters.

So good news for Buffalo, New Yorkers. The oldest bar in Western New York will not be changing name and will not be shutting down. Just getting a brand new menu change.

What is the oldest bar in New York State? The oldest bar on record in New York State is Fraunce's Tavern by New York City, which has been opened since 1719.

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