We see all kinds of things advertised during the Super Bowl each year from cars and footwear to insurance, chips and beer.  The commercials are as a big a part of Super Bowl Sunday as the game itself.  And with millions of people tuned in all over the world it's why companies are willing to shell out between $5.1 and $5.3-million dollars per 30-second commercial.

That's a lot of cash that CBS is pocketing on February 3rd, but one thing you won't see advertised.  The network has turned down a commercial for medical marijuana.

Although it's use is legal for medicinal and recreational purposes in a number of states including Massachusetts and California, the two states the two Super Bowl teams are from, it's still a banned substance in the NFL.  33 states in all either permit its use medicinally or recreationally.

However, marijuana is still considered an illegal substance under federal laws.  And that's the key to why CBS turned it down.




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