The Buffalo Bills agreed to terms with Curtis Samuel in free agency this year and at least one analyst can't say enough about the move.

They put pen to paper today and signed Curtis Samuel to a 3 year contract worth about $30 million.  They're hoping that he might be the answer that might help them finally bring a Lombardi trophy here to Buffalo.

Is Curtis Samuel the answer for the Buffalo Bills?

There are certainly more commonly heard names in the NFL.  Last year all we heard about was Odell Beckham Jr.  Then it was DeAndre Hopkins.  Were either of them the answer?

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Fast forward to the Super Bowl and you'll see that neither of them were in it.

My point is that just because someone has a big name or is demanding a ton of money doesn't mean that it's going to end in that team making it to the Super Bowl and winning it.  Does it help?  Sometimes it does.  But there are no guarantees.  There's just more to it than that.

One NFL analyst definitely thinks Curtis Samuel has what it takes

Matt Harmon is a football writer and analyst for Yahoo Sports.  Yesterday he was recording a podcast and just as they were ending it, the announcement was made that Curtis Samuel would be coming to Buffalo from the Washington Commanders.

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He was beyond thrilled about it.

One of the biggest draws was Samuel's last season with Joe Brady

Obviously he was pumped about the idea of Curtis Samuel coming to Buffalo and playing with Josh Allen, but he was also excited about the fact that he would be reunited with current Bills Offensive Coordinator Joe Brady, a guy he played for when Brady was in Carolina.

There's no question this Bills team is going to look a lot different from the ones we've seen for the past couple of years.  But maybe that's what they need (as everyone has been saying) to "get over the hump."

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