The good weather is finally here and so are the parties and good times on the patio! But before you crack open a beer, better be ready for the law to find you in portions of New York State!

There are a few towns in New York that already allow for people to drink in public. However, most towns, cities and villages don't allow for open containers.

In New York City, apparently things are getting out of hand and the officials are starting to hand out tickets to those who are breaking the law.

According to the NY Post, NYPD is cracking down hard on those drinking alcohol in public.

During the first three months of 2023 alone, cops wrote 2,524 criminal tickets for enjoying a drink in public, six times higher than the number issued over the same period last year, the data analysis shows.

Now that that summer is here, beware of where you have that drink. In Western New York, East Aurora, Lancaster and Evans are the only places that allow for open container consumption. East Aurora has been a legend as one of the only to have this allowed in the state. However, opponents fear that it causes more garbage and pollution in the towns where it is allowed.

As for New York City, there are laws that are aimed at keeping people in a bar or area that they can drink in.

It is illegal to have an open container of alcohol on any public sidewalk, road or park in New York.

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