Over the past few years, Brad Paisley has been known for his pranks. They're funny and if you're on tour with him, you are all over his radar. Though, his supporting acts do occasionally, strike back. I've been going through all these pranks and getting a good kick out of them and how everyone reacts especially the newer acts of country music that get pranked while on stage in front of thousands and thousands of people. The H202 Tour is stopping here at Darien Lake with Blake Shelton, Jerrod Niemann, Sunny Sweeney, Eden's Edge & Brett Eldredge (I always love that Brad Paisley shows are like a music festival with all the acts he brings out with him!) on Saturday, July 23rd. I have a feeling Blake Shelton is not going to take any pranks lightly that come his way and I'm sure he will seek revenge. Here's a recap of pranks on Brad Paisley Tours in the past.

The H20 Tour starred Brad Paisley w/ Steel Magnolia, Easton Corbin & Josh Thompson. Brad and his crew are shown in the video above squirting water guns at Steel Magnolia while they are on stage. Even funnier is Josh Thompson with a flower in his hair or Easton Corbin's drummer getting whopped by silly string in the middle of the set.

Though, opening acts are seeking revenge...

Taylor Swift came out on stage while Brad was singing "I'm Gonna Miss Her (The Fishing Song) dressed in fishing gear and began goofing around and throwing fake fish out into the crowd in front of him while he sang.

Jewel was very, VERY proactive about pranking Brad on tour with him. She decided that she wasn't going to be the victim first so SHE pranked HIM first. When Brad sings "I'm Still A Guy", there are pictures upon the big screen behind him. Jewel decided it would be funny if she took pictures of women and put Brad's head on them all and have them show during "I'm Still a Guy"...Classic. She didn't even stop there. The following song in the set list is a duet both Brad & Jewel do together. Well, Jewel sent out a man dressed as her to go sing it with Brad. Double Whammy before Brad even got one prank in on her.

Eric Church decides to have a little fun and prank the King of Pranks and this one was good. Brad usually has a meet and greet of 20 people before each show. Eric decided to bulk that up a little and send an extra 180 people to the meet and greet. 200 people for a meet and greet is A TON. Hilarious.

Blake Shelton got a little action on his birthday this week...and it wasn't what he was expecting. During Blake's set, Brad sent out a man dressed in some skimpy underwear and a bow as a "birthday present' for him. It will be fun to see how Blake will seek to even up the score while they are on tour this summer. Perhaps he'll even the score in Buffalo for us to see...

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