Governor Andrew Cuomo was expected to make a significant announcement regarding the COVID-19 micro cluster zones in New York State on Wednesday and that announcement was made just before noon.

According to WIVB, Governor Cuomo announced that all orange and yellow zone restrictions in Erie and Niagara County have been lifted.

The yellow zone in Genesee County has also been lifted.

The decision, according to Governor Cuomo, was made because of the drastically reduced COVID-19 numbers across the state and that they should readjust accordingly. Most of Erie County has been in an orange micro cluster zone since the fall.

The only yellow zone restrictions remaining are downstate and around New York City. All orange zones in the state are lifted.

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Governor Cuomo said we have made it through the post-holiday spike in the numbers. However, he stressed to stay vigilant and keep practicing social distancing and wearing masks.

"I think we're at a new place now and we can start to adjust that valve and start to open up more economic activity, and reduce some of the restrictions, and reduce some of the what we call microcluster zones," Cuomo said Monday.

The region won't go back to pre-COVID-19 times, but businesses in Western New York will see far fewer restrictions than the orange or even yellow zones. For example, restaurants will now be allowed to have 10 people max per table and allow 50 percent capacity for indoor dining.

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