Elon Musk announced on Wednesday that his Tesla Company is now taking orders for its innovative solar roofs to be made in Buffalo.  What makes the new Tesla Solar Roof so different is that they all look like shingles or roof tiles.  Some of them gather energy from the sun, some of them don't, but they all look identical.  That's a far cry from the ugly solar panels that are so popular in the south and the west.

The new Tesla Solar Roof won't be cheap to begin with.  Estimates are it'll cost $21.85 per square foot.  Do the math.  Some roofs might cost as much as $75,000 including installation, but Musk says the savings in energy over 30 years will more than pay for the investment.  Additionally, Tesla Solar Roof shingles are guaranteed to last as long as the house.  That's a pretty bold guarantee.

Two shingle designs will be offered initially with two more going into production in 2018.

Because of the cost Musk expects sales to be slow to begin with, but is confident sales will increase once people get to see the product and understand what an outstanding value it is

Orders are being taken at the Tesla Solar Roof website with a minimum down payment of $1000.  Production at the massive Solar City plant off South Park Avenue in Buffalo is expected to begin this summer with the solar roofing tiles expected to hit the market by the end of the year.  The Solar City plant could eventually employ as many as 1500 workers.

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