There are so many decisions to make when you're choosing a venue.  One of them is whether you want your wedding indoors, or outdoors.

What many people don't know about Western New York is that we don't always have terrible weather.  Sure, it gets snowy here in the winter, but in the summer and early fall, our weather is normally close to perfect.  We see temperatures in the mid 70's to mid-80s with lots of sunshine and low humidity.  It really is perfect.

So when the weather is like that, you might want to be outside to enjoy it - especially on your wedding day. It's nice for your guests to be able to spread out a bit and get some sunshine and fresh air too.

There are some challenges though to having an outdoor wedding.

The first one is that as much as we like to brag about how great the weather is in Western New York, it's also incredibly uncertain. If you're planning on having an outdoor wedding and the weather turns out awful, you're obviously going to need to have somewhere for your guests to get out of the weather.  So there has to be an indoor or at least covered option (even if that's a tent) too.

Another challenge that you might encounter is that it's harder to get people gathered to do what you want them to do.  For example, it could be hard to get people to come to dinner when you're ready to eat if they're spread out over a huge property.

I always think about it from a DJ's perspective.  Outdoor weddings are great, but if you have all kinds of lawn games outside and a bonfire, and a ton of other things to do, your dance floor may night be packed all night.  Also, if it's 80 degrees you're either going to have a very sweaty dancefloor, or you're going to have people that need to take breaks more often.

All in all, though, outdoor weddings can be absolutely beautiful.  They provide an incredible backdrop for your pictures and a memorable night for your guests.

So where are some of the best places that will give you an incredible outdoor (and indoor backup) wedding experience in Western New York?

12 Of The Best Outdoor Wedding Venues In Western New York

Here are some of the best places that will give you an incredible outdoor (and indoor backup) wedding experience in Western New York

**NOTE: These pictures were not taken at the venues and do not represent the venue itself.**

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