It's fair to say that there have been a lot of cancelled events over the last year.  But one thing that is NOT getting cancelled this year is Paczki Day at the Broadway Market.

If you've lived in Buffalo for any period of time at all, you've heard the word paczki.  While the debate is still out over how to say it, not a whole lot of Buffalonians like to miss this day.

Wednesday will mark the start of the Lenten season in many churches here in Western New York.  It's a time where many people give things up like sweets and fattening foods as a sign of sacrifice and self-discipline.  But that last day before Lent is known as "Fat Tuesday" because it's the day where people indulge one last time before saying goodbye to it on Ash Wednesday.

A big tradition in the Polish community is to eat Paczki on Fat Tuesday.  Because we have so many people of Polish descent here in Buffalo, it's a tradition that is pretty big here too.

What is a Paczki?  Essentially it's like a jelly doughnut.  While I've seen them with all kinds of fillings, most are filled with a dark berry filling.

If Paczki day is a big one in your household, the Broadway Market wants to assure you that it's still happening this year!  They will be open from 7am-5pm with your favorite fried treats at both Buffalo Paczki and White Eagle Bakery.

They will even have music there to give you that Fat Tuesday feel from Docenko from 11am until 2pm.

Happy Paczki day!!

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