The city of Buffalo is planning to introduce an app that would allow you to pay your parking meter.  The city has 3,900 parking meters in addition to parking kiosks and all of them would be hooked up to a system that you could use to pay your parking fee and any additional parking time you'd like to buy.

The app will be free and will be connected to a credit card.  You'd pay for your parking spot using your smart phone.  You'd pay a convenience fee of 10 cents for each transaction.

I'm sure you've had the experience when you get back to your car just a few minutes after your time has expired and find a parking ticket on your windshield.  I'm not sure how the parking enforcement officers seem to be right there when your meter expires, but if you used the app, 15 minutes before your parking time is set to end, you'd receive a message asking if you'd like to buy additional time.

The system would be coordinated with the scanners that parking enforcement officers use to read your registration sticker.  In addition to looking for expired meters or parking stubs displayed in the front window, officers would use their scanners to determine if a car's parking fee has been paid up before issuing a ticket.

Buffalo's new parking app could be available as soon as the middle of May.

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