The nice weather is opening up parking spots on the streets across Western New York. Another town has lifted their parking restrictions starting Monday.

It's certainly not summer yet, but day by day it's getting a little nicer.  This weekend we've got cold temperatures, but lots of sunshine.

Many towns have seasonal parking restrictions that are in place once winter starts to help to keep the streets cleared when it begins to snow.  It makes it easier for the plows to get through if they don't have to drive around other vehicles.

But many towns have come to the realization that if there aren't any plows trying to make it through, there's no reason for a parking ban.

North Tonawanda is the latest to lift their parking restrictions effective as of Monday.

“If a winter storm does arrive, we request the residents to use judgement and remove their vehicles from the street,” a news release from the Office of Mayor Arthur Pappas

Other towns that have already lifted their parking restrictions include:

  • The Town of Tonawanda
  • Lancaster
  • Kenmore
  • Cheektowaga
  • Town of West Seneca

We hope that this means that winter is over, but we know that we're not done with it quite yet, right?  In the past we've gotten significant snow in May.  In Buffalo, you never quite know when we're going to get it.

Officials in those towns say that the parking restrictions have been lifted, but they also ask that if we get some more snow that people "use common sense" and move their cars so that plows can get through.

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