The new month is here and that means a new pay period for thousands of employees in New York State. There is a new budget concern that may cause the delay of paychecks around the state this month.

According to reports, the New York State budget still hasn't been passed, and that could be bad news for thousands of state workers. Comptroller Tom DiNapoli said yesterday that if an agreement isn't reached soon, many employees could see their next paycheck delayed. DiNapoli believes the budget would need to be approved by Monday to prevent that from happening.

The pandemic has meant a financial hit for almost every single person in every industry. As the vaccine gets in to more individuals around the state and country, things are starting to improve. There is even a hope that students may return to five day a week in-person learning. If guidelines and policies are defined in time , districts like Hamburg have a plan to get things going around April 26th.

While we wait for the budget to be approved and the guidelines to be set, health officials are reminding us to stay socially distanced and wear masks and get a vaccine!

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