We're a week and a half away from Easter Sunday and this is the time that many parents are heading to the local chocolate and candy stores around Western New York to find those chocolate bunnies, foiled chocolate eggs, jelly beans and other goodies for Easter baskets.

Peeps are another popular Easter candy but by far the most polarizing.

Marshmallow covered in crystalized sugar (in the shape of birds and bunnies), Peeps are usually either loved or hated by people.

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As for me, I can take or leave them. I'm fine having one or two but any more than that and I feel sick.

Buffalo also loves its craft beer and we're blessed enough to have quite a few breweries in Western New York, including south of the city.

Hamburg Brewing Company has introduced a Peeps-themed beer just in time for the spring. It's a milk chocolate stout beer with marshmallow flavor.

It's called Peep 'Dis.

It is a 7.4 percent beer, so probably best to have one of them at a time, but if you're a fan of stouts and love Peeps, then this beer looks to be perfect for you.

Buffalo breweries are very creative in flavors, especially seasonal ones that play off the time of the year we're currently in. A Peeps flavored beer may not be for everyone, but it certainly will have many people interested in trying it.

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