I don't think it's that big of a deal. Also, I think that it's actually a GREAT idea for kids!!!

People on Facebook are going nuts, though. I do understand why though...to an extent.

The picture in the ad has a yellow chicken...and a RED one, so everyone is going crazy thinking that they are dyed colors. (it's illegal and they're not dyed, though).

Here's the deal:

  • Steve's Wonderful World of Pets does a promotion every year
  • Rent-A-Chick is 40 bucks + you take a baby chicken home and care for it and return it after Easter.
  • If you keep it, you get some of the money back.
  • When you return it, they are donated to farmers.

With the promotion you get all of the things that you would need to care for the animal. I think it's not a bad idea actually, especially if you want to teach your kid some responsibility or make a tradition out of it. (And really especially if you don't want a pet in your house that long lol)


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