I know, I know everyone brings chicken wing dip to a Super Bowl party.  But what's the secret to making one that doesn't get passed over?

How many times have you seen chicken wing dip at a party.  Now, how many times have you chosen not to put it on your plate because it's gross-looking?  The days of awful chicken wing dip are over.

Chicken Wing Dip is the go-to snack for Super Bowl Parties

The Super Bowl is a couple of days away.  If you're going to a party to watch it, you can almost bet your house that someone is going to bring chicken wing dip.  It's like a staple at Super Bowl parties.  Mostly it's because it's delicious if it's done right but it's also a quick dish to pass that's super easy to whip up in a hurry.

Are you tired of chicken wing dip yet?

Be honest though.  How many times have you passed up on the chicken wing dip because it just looks greasy?  The cheddar on top is so thick that you almost need a knife to cut it and there's no way you're getting through it with the chips that are next to it.

Here's the secret to making good chicken wing dip

There are actually three different secrets:

1.  Trim your chicken - Make sure you're only using the best parts of the chicken.  If you just use boneless skinless chicken breasts, make sure all the fat is off of it.  If you leave that fat on it, it might add flavor, but it will also add to the greasiness of the dip.  The cheese and the hot sauce will give it enough flavor.  Get rid of the fat.

2.  Mix your cream cheese and chicken separately - In a separate bowl, soften the cream cheese and add your cheddar to it.  Don't just add it to the pan where you cooked your chicken.  Again, you might think that adds flavor but all it's adding is grease.  Only combine the chicken with the cream cheese/cheddar mix before you put it in the pan to bake.  And yes...bake it.  Can you make it on the stovetop?  Sure, but if you want the best chicken wing dip, you bake it.

3.  Use quality cheese - I know that people are always trying to lose weight this time of year but if that's the case, then just skip the chicken wing dip altogether.  Don't use the low-fat cheese.  If you do, it makes it hard to break through that top layer.  Just use normal high-quality cheddar cheese on top.

Try to serve that with some thick chips as soon as you get it out of the oven and people will not pass it by on Super Bowl Sunday.

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