The world has been paying close attention to the new relationship between Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce. From football games, to concerts and even where the couple is spending time together, there is an obsession for "Traylor" that has gone global. Now some are wondering what their next step is and even Travis Kelce has been asked about having kids.

There are some who think that enough is enough. The thought is that we are getting too much information about this power couple. Football fans are begging the NFL and TV networks to stop promoting talking about Taylor Swift and showing her at the Chiefs games.

But like them or not, Taylor and Travis are not going away anytime soon. In fact, the further along we get, the more attention they will get as some are betting that Travis will pop the question once the season has ended.

Knowing that we are only getting started with the coverage of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, the questions are popping up. Are Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce getting married? Is Taylor Swift pregnant? Did Taylor and Travis get engaged? What will Taylor and Travis name their baby?

Since these are being asked, why not make a few predictions of what the possible names are for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's baby if Taylor announces she is pregnant.

6 Possible Names For Taylor Swift's Baby

Gallery Credit: Clay Moden

While we have no clue whether or not Taylor and Travis will take their relationship to the next level, and it really should not be our business, we do know that Taylor Swift's music remains HOT to say the least.

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