Buffalo is experiencing Taylor Swift mania after the possibility of the pop superstar attending Sunday’s Buffalo Bills game became a reality. 

The most famous musician in the world has been seen at several Kansas City Chiefs games this year (both at home and on the road) cheering on her boyfriend Travis Kelce. And considering she’s on a break from her massive Eras Tour, there’s a real chance she could show up at Highmark Stadium this weekend.

Naturally, Bills Mafia is losing their minds at a potential Taylor sighting. 

However, some reports lead us to believe that Buffalo “needs to calm down,” because certain whispers regarding Swift’s relationship with Kelce could lead to Taylor being a no-show. 

Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce: “Absolutely No Engagement In The Works”

TMZ is reporting that rumors of an upcoming engagement between Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift are false, and the reality is just the opposite. 

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Sources told the celebrity gossip outlet that Travis won’t be proposing to Taylor “anytime soon,” and that in fact “some folks on the inside of this don't think it'll go the distance.”


The sources go on to tell TMZ that the famous couple is “about to enter a very challenging stage of their relationship” when she resumes her massive Eras tour this February in Asia.

More Reasons Why Taylor Swift May Be A No-Show In Buffalo

Of course, we’ll take this latest bit of gossip with a grain of salt. This could all mean nothing, and everything could still be blissful between the popular duo. However, other facts have us wondering if Taylor Swift coming to Buffalo is just in our “wildest dreams.”

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Since going public with their relationship last September, Taylor has attended ten Chiefs games, both home and away. She’s also missed five, so it’s not completely out of the question she could miss this one. 

That being said, the ones Swift skipped took place when she was out of the country on the Brazilian leg of her Eras Tour, and Travis Kelce did go visit her while she was away. 

Will Taylor Swift Actually Show Up To The Bills Game?

If you thought cleaning up the snow in Highmark Stadium after the last storm was bad, imagine cleaning up all of those broken hearts of Buffalo Swifties who are begging for a Taylor Swift appearance at Sunday’s game. 

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The blowback from Bills Mafia would be huge, and being a no-show would severely damage her “reputation” (sorry - we just can’t help ourselves!) here in Western New York. 

We bet you anything that Taylor will show up - not just to support her man, but because she wouldn’t let down the Bills fans that are dying to spot her in the stadium. 

On the other hand, we don’t want to get our hopes up and be crushed if Taylor Swift bails on the big game. 

Let’s choose to stay positive, and believe that Taylor Swift will be in attendance to watch the Bills win. In the meantime, get pumped for Sunday’s Bills and Chiefs matchup by blasting these Taylor Swift songs on repeat! 

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