The 2023 NFL preseason really gets underway this Thursday through Sunday, as everyone will be in action.

The Buffalo Bills host the Indianapolis Colts from Highmark Stadium this Saturday at 1 pm. You're likely to see mostly backups for both teams, but it's cool to finally see a full slate of games for the first time since the end of last season.

2023 is a famous NFL season because you will see a slew of new helmets, such as new alternates from teams like the Colts and Cardinals, along with throwback helmets like the Seahawks, Eagles, Titans (Oilers), Jets and Lions.

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The NFL relaxed their two-helmet rule, but in order for a team to wear a second helmet, they have to wear it with their color rush/previous throwback jersey or bring back an entire revamped throwback look, which the Seahawks and Eagles are doing.

The Bills did not bring back their red helmets in 2023 and the reasoning might be because they would have had to wear it with the color rush, which admittedly, would have looked odd.

The Cincinnati Bengals may have sparked the fire for the Bills to bring back their red helmet.

They tweeted out a photo of a petition to the NFL, asking the league to change their current rule. They would like to wear their new white helmet with their standard white uniform, not their color rush alternate.

If this petition passes, that means the Bills would be allowed to wear a red helmet with their standard home or away jersey, which would look better and more easily allow the Bills to bring back the red helmet.

It feels like the Bills didn't want to bring back their '90s uniforms for a red helmet and would much rather have a red helmet with the standard home or away jerseys.

Let's hope the Bengals petition passes. This should already be implemented but for whatever reason, the NFL has strict helmet/uniform policies.

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