This cook has whipped up a great practical joke.

Shortly after Thanksgiving last year, Nick Prueher, one half of the amusing Found Footage Festival, got on nearly half a dozen morning shows throughout Wisconsin and Illinois, claiming to be someone named Chef Keith, who just so happened to be an expert on making great food out of your holiday leftovers.

As it turns out, Chef Keith is about as real as Chef Boyardee, but that didn't stop him from duping the newscasters and viewers, while pretending to peddle his book 'Leftovers Right.'

Unlike the odd meals he tried to pawn off as tasty, Pruehler's execution was well done.

Perhaps stations would've been wise to do a little background check, since Chef Keith's outrageous behavior included him admitting he's self-taught, tossing out some ridiculously bogus statistic about how much waste people eat on an annual basis, cajoling one anchor to do a beatbox and preparing food that is just not appetizing (mashed potatoes in an ice cream cone, anyone?).

Bobby Flay, he ain't.