Someone was seriously hurt when they jumped the fence in LOT 4 and ran into the hole where the new stadium is being built. Officials say the 29 year old man was on LSD, cocaine and alcohol when he was found naked.

UPDATE: He was trasfered the Buffalo General after ECMC and was issued an appearance ticket for trespassing.

See some of the pictures of the rescue here.

We were tailgating along the fence that blocked off the construction of the new stadium when someone yelled that someone is going to jump in the hole. Now, I don't know exactly how deep the hole is, but it has to be at least 40 foot deep (probably more? maybe WAY more?)

That is quite the fall into a bedrock pit. The next thing that everyone saw was an ambulance start coming over. Within a few minutes they had the fire truck, many police cars and more ambulances. The crews to a stretcher down to the victim on a side-by-side. This all happened right around noon. By the time we went into the game, crews were still helping out the guy.

According to WNY Fire Alerts on Twitter, the person was taken to ECMC after the incident. There are signs posted everywhere about the trespassing. It is unclear if he will face any charges.

Also, if you were there by the construction site, you see that every 2 fence posts will have a pole with what looks like a camera perhaps? Do you know what these are? They are all around the fence as if they are a security system of some sort.

Take a look at the pictures below.

UPDATE: Thanks to Hammer's Lot for letting us know that these are lights that are around the fence.

Man Jumps Fence and Falls into the Hole Where New Stadium is Being Built

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