Photo courtesy: Brittany Ver Hague

If you're a fan of the Tiger King (or at least have seen it) you'll get a good ol' LOL from this.

This painting was spotted by Brittany VerHague who is a mail carrier in the Blasdell area. The picture suggests that Carole's first husband was taken by Tony the Tiger from Frosted Flakes.

Carole Baskin, a big lion keeper in the documentary Tiger King, is the subject of a conspiracy that she killed her husband. Her first husband vanished and there was never a trace from him. His family has no idea where he is and his ex-wife, Carole, in the documentary seems not too sympathetic. Many have speculated she fed him to the tigers.

Since the Tiger King has debuted and caused a world wide audience, the case in Baskin's missing husband has been reopened.

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