The real estate market in Buffalo, New York and across New York State has been pretty hot over the last couple of years. The COVID-19 pandemic did not slow down home buyers. In fact, it seems that it only made buyers more eager and willing to find the perfect home at a big price!

We have all heard the stories about houses and properties selling for more than the initial asking price. In some cases, the buyer was willing to pay nearly double the price! But things seem to be leveling off and interest rates are staring to go up which is making buyers more hesitant.

While home and business are changing hands, there is a Twitter account that is posting a photo, every twenty minutes, of properties in Buffalo. According to the profile of the account,Every Lot Buffalo, photos are being sent out in order of ID.

Streeview pics of every parcel in Buffalo, NY, in tax ID order - posted every 20 min.

I have to admit, this account has caught my attention. It is neat to see the home and properties that make up Buffalo. There are roads and streets than I never had the opportunity to drive down and this is like a virtual tour of Buffalo.

We are blessed to live in an area with such a great history and many come from around the world to take a look at the magnificent architecture downtown and around the city. If you scroll through the Every Lot Buffalo account, you might see some of it.

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