There are plenty of ways to show how much you love the Bills. Maybe painting your face or decorating your yard in red, white and blue.

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How about flying over Orchard Park and drawing the Bills logo with your flight path? That's exactly what a pilot did this morning.

According to WGRZ, a man who owns a private aircraft took off from the Lancaster Regional Airport at 11 a.m. and proceeded to draw the Bills logo with his flight path.

You can check out the amazing photo below.

The pilot's name is J. Michael Jeswald and he said the winds were brutal today, however, that didn't stop him from achieving this incredible flight.

The plane landed at 12:28 p.m. and according to flight data, the trip was over 155 miles long.

I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this on Twitter today. The precision this must have taken -- even one wrong turn could ruin the entire thing. Absolutely amazing and hopefully this spreads quickly on social media!

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