It was not a pretty season by far.  But the Bills have some new fans in a city that already has a football team.  You see, when the Buffalo Bills beat the NY Jets yesterday, they helped that other team make it to the playoffs.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are going to the playoffs this year but they couldn't have done it without some help from The Bills.  When they knocked The Jets out yesterday, it cleared the way for The Steelers and now a restaurant would like to say thanks.

They're called Primanti Brothers and they show their appreciation with sandwiches.  Each care package was packed with dry ice, a Terrible Towel and a Primanti’s tee shirt and fixings to make four sandwiches.


It's a brilliant way to get your name out there!  I'd happily take one of those packages.  It doesn't make up for the 16th year without playoffs, but it's a cool thing for them to do.