Why should kids have all the fun? There is exciting news for anyone over the age of 10 who loves Play-Doh.

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According to reports, "adult" Play-Doh features six different types of Play-Doh that smells like things such as "Over Priced Lattes," "Mom Jeans," and "Grill Day."

This is brilli9ant and just in time for the holiday season. I think just about mom and dad would love to open their own stash of Play-Doh on Christmas morning.

The meat flavored adult Play-Doh sounds interesting. Imagine that someone never got over their childhood habit of eating Play-Doh? This has to be way too tempting and triggering for them. But like I said, why should kids have all the fun? It's 2020 and if we are going to spend more time at home we need more creative ways to have fun!

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