It was quite the scene at a Buffalo school yesterday as about 400 kids at the school during the summer were placed on lockdown. In addition, police had the Buffalo Museum of Science also on lockdown.

The Dr. Charles R. Drew Science Magnet School and the Buffalo Museum of Science were both on lockdown yesterday. The entire situation took hours and parents flocked to the school waiting for their kids and trying to get them out. Some parents were so anxious that they were running down to the cafeteria where kids were held on lockdown trying to open up the door. Guards did not allow the doors to open.

Police released the reason for the lockdown. One student was in the bathroom and thought that they saw a gun. The student called their parents, who called the school, and then 911.

After putting the school on lockdown, the police did find a BB gun that was behind a filing cabinet in the school. Police said yesterday in a press conference that the BB gun looked exactly like a Glock. In fact, the Captain of the Buffalo Police, Jeff Rinaldo said that it looks like a replica of the gun that he carries on his hip. Will the student be charged? Charges could be applied as a BB gun is illegal to possess under the age of 16.

I'm sure by now you have heard that state and local leaders have been trying to find solutions to gun violence in the area and New York State. Kathy Hochul was in town to meet with leaders to find a solution to gun violence. According to WIVB, here is what the team is trying to do:

Hochul says the state has narrowed down 10 zip codes in the city of Buffalo where they’re seeing about 50% of the violence.


The group is trying to focus on getting at-risk kids off of the street and get them jobs. “We’re focused on this by a number of approaches but today is about giving young people in these neighborhoods a better outcome, giving them an opportunity to do something beyond life in the streets which ends up in harm and possible death,” Lt. Governor Hochul said.

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