This is pretty dumb. There is a challenge that is going around right now that has some local police officers around Western New York worried. There were a bunch of calls because college kids were trying out this Tik Tok 'challenge. The challenge is called the BORG challenge.

What is BORG? Why do they call it the BORG challenge?

BORG stands for Black Out Rage Gallon.

The college kids are taking one-gallon water jug, pour out half of the water and then fill it back up with vodka, or some other liquor. Then, to top if off, they will add some flavor drops or flavor powdered.

The next step? Just chug it.

You can imagine how dumb this actually is. Over the weekend, there were over 28 ambulances called to a Massachusetts college campus. There were so many kids that needed emergency help that other agencies had to come from outside of the area to help.

If you are on Tik Tok, you can see that there are over 75 million views as of right now, about the BORG Challenge. This binge drinking challenege has beena probelm. Kids are doing it for two reasons, it seems. The first is that they are trying to get drunk and get drunk fast. The second reason is that many of the people participating belive that you cannot get hungover from the challenge because it is mixed with water and electrolyte drops. The only way to test it is to, obviously, try it out for yourself.

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