You would think that after three months of makeshift homeschool, parents would be ready to send their kids back to school right away.

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According to a new poll by ABC News/Ipsos, 45 percent of parents across the United States aren't.

Respondents were interviewed on June 10-11, so the feedback is current.

Conversely, 82 percent of respondents said they were willing to go back to work.

The survey also reports what else a lot of us aren't ready to do right now:

  • 55% of us are unwilling to go on an airplane
  • 61% are unwilling to go to a movie theatre
  • 66% are unwilling to go to the gym
  • 71% are unwilling to attend a large sporting event in a stadium

The poll says we are feeling ready for some things, including:

  • 57% are ok with staying in a hotel
  • 69% are willing to go to a barber or beauty salon
  • 53% are willing to go to the mall
  • 57% are willing to go to church



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