Everyone has their favorite spots to get chicken wings in Buffalo. The same five or six places always get mentioned, but the great thing about Western New York is that dozens of places have good wings.

Yes, everyone does have their favorites but you can try a different place for two straight months and never get a bad experience.

Downtown Buffalo is a solid place to get some great wings and one of those places also serves up amazing craft beer, with a terrific ambience.

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Big Ditch Brewing Company has been a mainstay in Buffalo for the last five-plus years and if you have been there then you know they do something every Thursday called "Innovation Thursday."

They release a new creation for Thursday only. The latest release is one of the most wild wings we have ever seen in Buffalo.

Big Ditch Brewing Company released a Dr. Pepper BBQ wing, with cheery Pop Rocks on top...

Dr. Pepper BBQ is something we have seen from time to time, but Pop Rocks sprinkled on top is certainly something we have never seen before on a wing. Pop Rocks sparkle in your mouth, so those wings will likely take you back to when you were a kid.

It wasn't long ago that hot-medium-mild were the only wings you got in Buffalo, but the unique flavors have become more popular over the last 10-15 years. The honey butter BBQ at Bar-Bill, Double-Dipped Cajun at Elmos and Smitty Style at Doc Sullivan's to name a few.

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