The last day of school is a pretty big deal.  One bus driver in Depew made a point of dressing up for the occasion.

Remember how great it felt as a kid to know that you were going to school for the last day of the year?  You were going to just turn in your books, maybe clean up your desk or your classroom for the summer, hang out with your friends for a bit, then you were done.  Ahead of you was what seemed like endless days of swimming in the pool on super hot days and visiting amusement parks.

It was a huge deal.

For Depew bus driver Tim Kopp, it WAS a big deal and he dressed up for it.  And I don't mean he wore a suit and tie.  Tim went full-on tuxedo.

You see, this was his last day too.  And not his last day before summer, but his last day of work before retirement.  He's been driving school buses for Depew schools since he was hired in 1999 and was ready to go out in style.  And did he ever...


The multiple comments on the post all show how loved he has been.  Tons of people wished him well on his retirement and thanked him for taking good care of their children.  It's a big responsibility to be a bus driver and isn't something that should be taken lightly.

Congratulations to Mr. Kopp on his retirement.  I hope he's got a lot of things planned for his time now that he won't have to go to work.  Maybe more events that require a tuxedo!

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