Surprising Western New York Town Ranked Best to Retire In
If you or someone you know is reaching that point in life where it’s time to decide on where to settle down for the golden years, there is a spot that’s much closer to home, that was recently ranked the “Best City to Retire In” in New York State. And that city may just surprise you.
Cities To Retire To
When many people think about retiring, they often think about heading south where it's warm and you don't have to shovel snow. But this list says you might want to give the north east a try.
States to Retire
New York is not the worst state for retirement, it's not exactly the best either. put out a report of the best and worst states for retirement.  Some of the factors in where to retire go beyond the sunniness and closeness to water...
Six-Figure Pensions
Data compiled for the fiscal year ending in March of this year shows that 2,931 retirees from state and local government positions in New York are earning more than $100,000 in annual pensions.
The worst places to retire
When you think of retiring, you probably think of a nice warm place where you don't have to battle snow, sleet and ice for 6+ months.  Maybe one of the Carolinas, Florida, Arizona or something like that.  For me, that decision would be a tough one because my heart will always be in Buffalo.  How about you?  Have you given retirement any thought?  I know many of you (including me) are a ways away f

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