The second location of Ellicottville Brewing, on Chautauqua, had a positive case of COVID-19 at their Bemus Point joint. The popular restaurant on the water has been a hit since it has arrived. They took to facebook to announce their closing for the day, Wednesday August, 19 for “facilitate a deep cleanse and sanitation.”

We want to be as transparent and proactive in our response as possible during these unprecedented times. Please respect that we can’t provide any additional identifying information with respect to our team member’s right to privacy and will adhere to Federal ADA regulations", according to their post.

You'll have to wait until Thursday afternoon when they open to get your Blueberry beer.

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If you have never gone to Bemus Point before, you have to get there it is home to one of the coolest spots to watch the sunset. Now, I know it is a bit away, but it is totally worth the drive. It's for sure a Summer-time only place, as it gets dead during the Winter, but you have to check out these spots while you're there: See-Zuhr (it's like a pub), Bemus Point in, The Village Casino and more. There is so much history and it's such a beautiful place to visit that you will be glad that you went!

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