The COVID 19 pandemic may be seeing it's last days here in the United States soon. As more people get vaccinated and the good weather allows for more outdoor activities, there are still a few events that are facing cancellation.

Fireworks will still take place over Chautauqua Lake!

According to a post from The Dunkirk Observer, the annual 4th of July /Independence Day parade in Mayville has been canceled.

During the Mayville Village Board meeting Tuesday, Mayor Ken Shearer announced the planning committee has determined they need to cancel the parade due to COVID-19 concerns. But even without the parade there will be fireworks, just as there was in 2020.

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The parade down Main St in Mayville has been a great tradition and it is a shame that it can't happen. Our family has enjoyed the parade for years and it is one of the most patriotic, small town type of parades you will ever see! After the parade, there has always been a great picnic at the park along the shore of Chautauqua Lake.

Perhaps 2022 will see the return of the parade? The Governor of New York announced that the infection rate has dropped considerably and the amount of eligible adults who are vaccinated is well over 50%! Events like the Erie County Fair, Blue Jays baseball games and even Buffalo Bills games are finding ways to get fans and attendees back this summer. It will be great to get back to a pre-pandemic atmosphere around WNY.

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