The weather is about to get nasty for portions of New York State and the east coast as a wintry blast is about to creep in. But just what type of precipitation that it will bring is not clear.

So far, the weather has not been too much to handle this winter. In fact, there is hardly any snow on the ground and New York City has not seen any considerable snow in over 700 days! But the Governor of New York State has a warning to residents to be prepared.

According to reports, it's recommended that residents be ready for power outages and dangerous road conditions.

We can't really complain about the winter weather unless you want the snow for outdoor sports like skiing or snowmobiling. The hunting season is over and the snowmobile clubs are just waiting for the snow and cold to allow for the right conditions to open the trails.

There are over 230 snowmobile clubs across New York State and they are responsible for the trails and the relationships between the riders and the landowners. If you are not part of a club, it may be a good idea to join before the next big snowfall.

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