Rachel Bush is the wife of Buffalo Bills safety (current free agent) Jordan Poyer.  She's had some outspoken tweets in her day, but this one hits home.

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There's no question that Jordan Poyer's biggest fan is his wife Rachel Bush.

But this tweet is going to hurt if you're a fan of his.

Jordan came to the Bills in 2017 and became part of the best safety duo in the league next to Micah Hyde.  He's been an impact player from day one.  In 2020 he was able to sign a two year contract extension with the Bills.  However, that means his time is up here unless they can work out a new contract with him.

Despite him saying that he would like to stay here in Buffalo, there are other teams who would certainly love to have him in their defensive backfield.  He even liked a tweet from one Miami fan saying that he should go there.  His family spends a lot of time in Florida and he would fit right in there.

Does this mean that he's ready to go?

The tweet from his wife seems to certainly lean that way.  She says that for the first time in 6 years, they have finally packed their house up in Buffalo completely.  That would lead most people to believe that they don't expect they'll be coming back.

She was certainly kind in her tweet, essentially saying goodbye to Bills Mafia and thanking them for being so amazing.

Is he definitely gone?  Not necessarily. Bill GM Brandon Beane made a comment during his end of the year press conference that he will be doing everything he can to keep impact players but is obviously up against some big challenges.  He has 21 players that are headed to free agency this year.  Keeping them all will be nearly impossible.  He's going to have some very hard decisions to make.

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