Groundhog Day is coming up tomorrow and most of the world will have its eyes on Punxsutawney Phil to see if he will see his shadow and we will get six more weeks of snow.

Closer to home, here in Western New York, we will be keeping our eye on Dunkirk Dave to see if he will predict an early Spring or six more weeks of Winter for the 716.

Will Phil or Dave see their shadow on Wednesday? Will we get six more weeks of Winter? One thing is for sure, we know that Winter will still be here for the rest of this week. We are currently under a Winter Storm Watch and we could see between 9 and 24 inches of snow in Western New York from late Wednesday evening through Friday afternoon.

But why leave all the weather predicting to groundhogs? There are so many other ways and things we could use here in Western New York to predict the weather this Groundhog's Day.

From that famous hair of a local politician to a sweet treat from a local Ice Cream stand, there are some very unique things you can use to predict the weather for the rest of 2022.

While these things might be as accurate as Punxsutawney Phil or Dunkirk Dave but it might be a lot more fun to use them to predict the weather.

Check 5 VERY Buffalo ways that you can predict the weather.

5 Very Buffalo Ways To Predict The Weather

Groundhog's Day is coming up and why leave it to Punxsutawney Phil or Dunkirk Dave to predict if Spring will come early. Here are some VERY Buffalo ways you can predict the weather here in Western New York.

Pics from The 2006 Buffalo October Snowstorm

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The Most Buffalo Way To Measure Snow

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