This Sunday (8/15), Western New Yorkers are going to get an opportunity to take in  a unique view of the city on Skyride 2021.  But that will mean road closures for the rest of us.

They've been doing it for years now - it's the Skyride where hundreds of people will hop on their bikes to take the 7.5, 15, or 23 mile ride over the skyway (depending on what you register for).

It really is a cool way to see the city in a way that you've maybe never seen it before.  Bikes aren't normally allowed on the skyway and when you drive in a car, there's a lot more to pay attention to so you might not get to enjoy the scenery like you can on a bike.

If you're interested in taking in that view, you can register for Skyride 2021 right now.

But if you aren't planning on taking part in the event, be aware that there will be road closures.  The skyway will be closed on Sunday (8/15) from 6am to noon.  Obviously, that means the ramp to the skyway from the southbound 190 will also be closed for that time.

The event will begin at the Lakeside Bike Park at Buffalo's Outer Harbor (825 Fuhrmann Blvd.).

Safety is the #1 priority for the people who are making this ride happen.  For that reason, helmets will be required for all riders, they will not be allowing ear buds or headphones of any kind, and the use of cell phones will not be allowed either.  They're reminding people that they will not be able to stop at the top of the skyway for pictures.

It's just you...your bike...and the beautiful view.


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