Say goodbye to PRIME in New York State? That may be true soon if some lawmakers have anything to say about it. Before PRIME is fully gone from shelves, it may be forced to be only allowed for people over 18.

The issue is the crazy amount of caffeine in the energy beverage and the effect it may have on children. The FDA will be looking in to the drink. New York is warning parents and kids are trying to get their hands on it.

Some places are trying to keep kids under 18 from drinking it. In fact, there are countries that have already banned it from their shopping markets.

In a report from CBS News, it was noted that:

That high content prompted bans from some schools in the United Kingdom and Australia where some pediatricians warned of possible health impacts on young children such as heart problems, anxiety, and digestive issues.

PRIME has a crazy amount of caffeine and if your kids are online, there is no doubt that they are being shown videos and advertising for the popular drink. The products outer design is neon and os clearly targeted to attract kids to it.

We have four kids and our three sons go nuts in a store when the see PRIME. We actually bought ONE for them to share and they all has a few sips. It seemed as though their demeanor and attitude changed almost as soon as the fluid hit their system. They went bonkers and mom and I agreed; no more PRIME for them for awhile.

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