If you check Zillow like it’s your part time job, join the club. There are so many beautiful homes that get listed “for sale” every day, and thankfully the real estate listings and sales are down across New York state this year. 

However, there are still some homes that may not be in the average person’s budget, but it would be so cool to own a house like this recent listing that has a chef’s kitchen

Listed on Zillow for $1,750,000, this home in Brooklyn, New York has been on the open market for less than two weeks. It features only 1,508 square feet, complete with three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms.

The house was recently renovated, so there is a chef’s kitchen in the house. The chef’s kitchen is equipped with top-of-the-line appliances and tons of counter space, which is perfect for cooking and/or entertaining guests. 

There is a finished basement in this house, so you can always have someone stay over. And how about this for some tailgating days – you get a private backyard spaces that is perfect for outdoor gatherings. 

This house also runs on solar panels, as it was recently renovated to become more modern. Your energy bill will not be as much, which should be considered when you look at such a big price tag. 

This is easily one of the nicest and most comforting homes in the New York City area. And with it being New York City, that location already causes a big adjustment on price tags.

Check out some of the awesome photos below.

Nearly $2 Million For New York Home With A Chef’s Kitchen

Located at 132 91st St, Brooklyn, NY, this property is a great choice for you — especially if you are seeking a modern, spacious, and comfortable home in the heart of Bayridge. It’s recently renovated, with an open layout and an abundance of natural light that create a warm and inviting atmosphere in the living room and dining room.

For $1,750,000, it could be yours! Check out the house below.

Gallery Credit: Zillow

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